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Bill stewart drummer interview

by Fenrijas, 19.04.2019

Bill stewart drummer interview
It's only a matter of time before their tour finds them hitting Aussie shores once again.

Bill Stewart is one of the greatest and most creative jazz drummers of his generation. Hitting the New York scene in the 80s, one of his most enduring working relationships hsa been with guitarist John Scofield, featuring on several Scofield albums, including his most recent, Past Present. In addition to being an in-demand sideman, Bill has also written and performed bill stewart drummer interview own music since his solo debut Think Before You Think. Bill explained how the latest record was born.

Doug Weiss on bass, intently attuned. But his playing enacts an agenda of looseness, at once assertive and adaptable, casual yet precise.

We had to miss quite a few meals to make all the concerts, but it was worth it. In a genre built around one-hit wonders, this was atypical, but still a pretty little ditty nonetheless. Vote for your favorite 80s musicians and artists, and suggest videos that don't already appear on the list below.

193 – Bill Stewart: The Jazz Master on Trio Drumming, Composing, and Scofield

I grew up in Des Moines, Iowa. And my parents were both musicians.

The best: bill stewart drummer interview
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Steve brings a lot of history from his own career when we play with John Scofield. But Steve also used to play acoustic bass and has played with a lot of great musicians, so his concept has an acoustic bass concept in it as well. I mean, you just try to play things that are clear and tell a story and are developed.

The best: bill stewart drummer interview
Today Cotton Eye Joe remains popular as a line dance and special event pick.

Playing with Steve is fun. He has a unique sound on the electric bass, not like other electric bass players. He has a very singing, lyrical way of playing, not just when he solos, but in the ensemble too.

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