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24-7 Spyz consist of all African-American Heavy Metal Musicians

Very often, people ask "Why did black people stop making rock music?"and I have the answer - there is brand new music coming out from 24/7 Spyz. Black rock is alive and well and coming to a venue near you. Be on the lookout for it.

24-7 Spyz

I have some information about this band. A disagreement between Hazel and Skatore led to Spyz's dissolution. Solo albums and reformations, Hazel helped write several songs for a band called Crime, which used the material to shop for labels. Skatore reappeared playing bass in a band called Blockk alongside Savatage guitarist Chris Caffery.

After the album's release, Skatore suffered a broken lung. The proceeds from the show went to Skatore's medical bills. This was followed by the formation of Maitoza's new band, Crown 10, in May. Later that year, Hazel and Skatore announced Spyz's official re-formation. Shortly after, the band released a live performance as a digital download and CD entitled Can You Hear the Sound?

Hazel and Skatore began to focus on a new side project called the A. Anti Nigger Machine. Later that year, they released a four-track demo through their MySpace page. The band began asking for donations to fund the recording of their first album. In September, it was announced that the band had once again officially parted ways with Brodnax and Maitoza. It was also said that Maitoza, Ralph and Lewis would all be involved in recording drum tracks for a planned upcoming album. In November, the band announced that Bedouin Soundclash's Sekou Lumumba had officially joined the band on drums. Guitarist Ronny Drayton joined the band shortly after.

On April 27, a photo the band posted to their official Facebook page indicated that the band was on a break. In October, the band announced through their official Facebook page that Phillip "Fish" Fisher, one of the founders of Fishbone, had taken the position of drummer for the band. In January, it was officially announced that the band had come out of their self-imposed break with plans to not only perform selected dates in Europe, but also to release a single and a new EP later in the year. The song was a tribute to Jef Lee Johnson, a friend and fellow musician who died at the age of 54 due to complications from pneumonia and diabetes, and was released through iTunes and Soundcloud.

The band's next release came in April in the form of a CD and a digital single for a song titled "Anthem", which would also be featured on their upcoming album. In April, the band began accepting commitments through PledgeMusic.

At the Fishbones August 24, Brooklyn, New York show, a three-part version of the band consisting of Hazel, Skatore and Fish played a short, unannounced opening set. On January 28, The Soundtrack to the Innermost Galaxy, their eighth studio album, was released. Johnson moved to Japan, where he lived and toured with the band for a while. He was named Ben Folds' drummer on a tour in support of Folds' solo album, Rockin 'the Suburbs.

Fluid and the P. Fluid Foundation performed at clubs in and around New York City, but never released an album. Shortly after leaving Spyz for the second time, P. Fluid, now known as Forrest Thinner, formed BlkVampires.

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