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Metalachi Are a Mariachi Band That Play Metal Songs

Metalachi, including Vega De La Rockha, El Cucuy, "Queen" Kyla Vera, Paco Halen and Kiko Cane, do a great job of hitting the right notes. The Arizona public is sure to enjoy it. Last year, Maynard James Keenan of Tool invited them to play at an employee's Christmas party at the vineyard in Jerome. Comedian George Lopez asked them to play at the grand opening of his Chingon Kitchen at the Vee Quiva Hotel earlier this year.

An event that began as an innocent night of horse restraint with seven members of the village's jai alai team at the Super Ocho Motor Lodge in Veracruz, Mexico has turned into an event that literally gave birth to the greatest metal band. who once lived. On that hot summer night in 1982, Consuela Espinoza fell for her deserted selfishness and dropped the face of rock-n-roll history.

Metalachi members:

  • Vega De LaRockha- Lead Vocals
  • El Cucuy- Trumpet
  • Paco Halen- Guitar
  • "Queen" Kyla Vera- Violin
  • Kiko Cane- Guittaron
  • Warren Moscos- MC

Nine months later, without disrupting Consuela's regular regime of tequila classes and ill-advised sumo, five bastard children were born. Unable to take care of her hungry brood - worried that five kids would seriously disrupt their pub crawl Tuesday night - and made a decision that would change the course of music history forever.

Metalachi band

Consuela quickly put the kids in sturdy sandal bags and sent her children to America in search of a better life. 14 years later and near death from dehydration, the evacuated farmer took off to drink from the still waters of the Rio Grande, just outside Juarez, Mexico - yards just from the US border.

With one burst of energy, the Espinoza Brothers Cinco climbed out of their leather shackles and frightened the enormous reach of the river that fell into the sweet, amber-colored earth of America. As if it were intended for them, in the sand beneath their tanning faces was a square cardboard recording sleeve bearing the sacred metal words "PARANOID" and "BLACK SABBATH". For many years after, this definitive black metal album served not only as a teacher and mentor but also as a friend. It was those grim and awful starters that fed the seed that would eventually grow into the band we know today. Often referred to as the greatest surviving heavy metal band.

Posted in Latest News on Sep 20, 2020.

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Metalachi Are a Mariachi Band That Play Metal Songs


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