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Mina Caputo Net Worth in Life of Agony

Life of Agony singer Mina Caputo (formerly known as Keith Caputo) has high net worth. She born on December 4, 1973 and best known as an American singer the lead singer and a founding member of the New York City heavy metal band Life of Agony.

Mina Caputo

What is Mina Caputo’s Net Worth last years?

  • 2018 - $1.8 Million
  • 2019 - $2.5 Million
  • 2020 - $2.1 Million

Mina Caputos height and weight

If you want to find out how tall Mina Caputo is and how much she weighs, keep reading the following lines

  • Height: 158 cm
  • Weight: 52 kg

How old is Mina Caputo? Where was she born?

  • She was born in December 4, 1973.
  • Age in 2020: 47
  • Nationality: American

Caputo started Life of Agony in 1989 with guitarist Joey Z. and bassist Alan Robert. Drummer Sal Abruscato was recruited soon afterwards. After signing with Roadrunner Records, they debuted with the 1993 album, River Runs Red. Shortly after the release of a third album in 1997, Caputo claimed that her heart was no longer in the type of music they performed, and left the group. Mina lost both of her parents to heroin overdoses — her mother OD’d at age 20 and father fell to the drug in 2002. “I didn’t really want to do the cliche ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’ thing. This song, ‘Ashes to Ashes,’ was Bowie’s way of publicly speaking about his challenge with the little green monsters.”

Mina Caputo is Transsexual

In July 2011 Caputo came out as transgender. She transitioned from male to female. For a while, her legal name was Keith Mina Caputo. "When I was Keith, I certainly wouldn't allow myself to be as flowery or as vulnerable as I do now," said Caputo in a 2016 interview that appeared on the music website No Echo. "I no longer have this masculinity or this manhood to protect. This is a transformation I've been dreaming of my entire life." It’s been almost ten years since Keith Caputo began living as Mina Caputo. Fans were stunned when Caputo came out as transgender, but accepted Mina’s change almost immediately.

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