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Prefuse 73 - sacrifices (2018)

by Kazrasida, 09.10.2019

Prefuse 73 - sacrifices (2018)
Advertisement But throughout history, rock 'n' roll has been a constant, chronicling the country's most joyous and turbulent events.

Mike Jones — May 30, Guillermo Herren, more commonly known as Prefuse 73, has been making his totally unique brand of experimental Electronic music for close prefuse 73 - sacrifices (2018) two decades. Growing up, Herren learned to play many different instruments and music styles, which becomes present when listening to his music. Press has been sporadic, I only have one other interview today. What has brought on this shift in focus?

{ANTISEARCHTEXT-(Prefuse 73 - sacrifices (2018))-2-3/p}Share on Twitter Open share drawer Returning to his best-known alias, the veteran hip-hop deconstructionist scales back his approach, but Sacrifices can feel slight, with songs that too often fade into the background. Prefuse 73 principal Guillermo Scott Herren never sits still. He first made his name as a trailblazer.{/ANTISEARCHTEXT}

The best: prefuse 73 - sacrifices (2018)
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{ANTISEARCHTEXT-(Prefuse 73 - sacrifices (2018))-3-4/p}Herren, aka Prefuse 73 , has a new album out tomorrow May 25th through Lex Records. It also comes after Lady Parts , his collaborative album with rapper Michael Christmas. Sacrifices finds Herren steering away from the hip-hop-oriented sound of his past releases and leaning into textures more concerned with ambiance and a minimalist touch. Throughout the track effort, the devil is in the details, as they say, with many of the poignant scenes and dramatic shifts found not front and center, but rather in the quiet spaces between these movements.{/ANTISEARCHTEXT}
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